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Nike top quality!!

I know I am getting the best when I buy Nike, my brand of choice


Love all the options I have and short time delivery


I like this app. I’ve been using it for years but it has always run very slow when it come to logging your workouts.


sht work ni


Mostly where I get all of my Nike gear I would give it one million stars if I could😃!!

Sir king James

The truth🔥🔥🔥🔥☄️☄️☄️☄️☄️

I love this place

A site that hones in on my lifestyle and shoes I Like . Like the Air Max 270’s ... you know the one that is sold out in a size 13 !!! Get it ??? !!! Shop on brother!

Payment method issue

I’ve been trying for days now to make a purchase and every time it tells me that my payment method is invalid. I used to really like this app but now it’s unusable.


I like Nike pants and sweaters I want to know how much do you guys buy them

Great service

The service is really nice if u have a question u call them and they assist you really good like I bought a basketball and I had excellent service


I have 0 words it perfect fast awesome

30 minutes

For the app to load and open lol edit: still takes so long to load the app

Order history doesn't work

I have never been able to view my order history. Every time I click on a past order, it says "Delay of game. Sorry we are having trouble loading your orders." I have had this issue for many months now and it has never been fixed.


I really like getting notifications during each step of the delivery process. In terms of app design, you can see everything at once, yet easily select specific categories. Also, the pictures are great!


No better brand Best app for clothes and sneakers



Terrible unfair app

I’ve had this app since launch date and for the last 6 months it does not work. I’ve ensure my iPhone X is up to date. I’ve also made sure I’ve had the latest Nike+ update. I’ve went to Nike app support and followed uninstall and reinstall directions. I’ve also contacted Nike for app support and they could not resolve. Because of this I have recently missed out on Nike plus exclusive releases. Totally disappointed and frustrated at this point.

Love Nike

Enjoying this new app I just wish I was more involved in the colors and material

Great App



Extra dope

Can you make having an account optional please?

I love Nike wear and I’m a kid. So can you please have, having an account optional so I don’t need to search it on the web and I can just use the app.



Awesome app

Awesome app, professional design UX/UI Everything nike is awesome 🇵🇸🇵🇸

It could be better

It not the easiest site to use and maneuver through.

Zoom Train Command

I purchased a pair of LSU “Zoom Train Command” shoes for my daughter last Saturday the 3rd of March. They were sent to her home & was received earlier then expected on top of a fantastic pair of shoes. Nike you all did a great job on this model of shoe! My daughter loves them & is wearing them to Nursing school which she finishes in May of this year! Thanks Nike!

Fw Nike y'all

Just do it


I really love shopping on this app(my favorite) thumbs up...

I love this app

This is the best

Promo coupons

I buy the heck out of Nike’s...I presently have 32 pairs that have all been purchased in the last 12 months. I will continue buying them but it sure would be nice to have a buying promo program with Nike to help with some kinds a discount. lol silly paying full price. I attempt on Finish line and foot locker but like today I have 40.00 saved up in merchandise points but they don’t have the newest shoes so I gotta wait and by the them when they are no longer “brand new” to the market. Just frustrating. And we all know paying 200.00 for a pair of shoes that runs about 15.00 to make doesn’t exactly make me feel all warm and fuzzy. All I’m sayin is for those that purchase thousands of dollars worth of your shoes...throw me bone here. Lol. A lil thank you through a discount program would go a loooonnnggg way with folks like myself. Anyways thanks for reading my ideas.

Nike...Top Notch Sports/Workout Attire...

Love Nike...Comfy And On Point...Can’t Go Wrong with Anything Nike...

Best thing since icecream!! 😃🍦

I have never experienced such ease when shopping. It’s like I’m just doing it or something (pun intended)

Needs improving

Nike more freedom of creativity with the shoes in NIKE ID

Nike app

Good app easy to get around and find good shoes for good prices - Carter Mitchell Up incoming sneaker head

The love I have for NIKE! ;)

Always the best foot wear and comfort! And absolutely love the fast service y’all give as a company !


To hard to get shoes you like, especially when they draw you guys do; the odds are worse than the lottery

A MUST get!!

Cool awesome app I use everyday

Great app!!

Great app, easy to navigate

App that auto empties shopping cart...

Used to work, now it doesn't...Way to go Nike

Can’t purchase anything

After adding items to cart and then clicking into the cart, items are automatically removed. No problems when on the website.

Great app

Great app nothing much to say if you like Nike products this app has what u need


This online shopping for NIKE IS AWESOME

Great app

Best place to buy any cloths



Love the app

Love the app but I never win raffles on new sneaker releases always end up buying sneakers from resellers for double or triple the price!😔 please help me one day


best app!

Where is mike sb?

Garbage ad app. They deleted Nike sb app but they have five different Nike apps for athletics. HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT THEY DELETED AN APP THAT WAS WIDELY USED 0 stars if I could.

LuV iT!!

So far so good. Not missing deals using the app, actually an advantage in that area. #promos #don’t lunch

Reserved a sneaker release for me

Nike App just takes care of you...I know a lot of people feel differently about Nike, Inc. and they’re allowed to feel that am I allowed to just love everything Nike, Inc.



Love it

It is so much easier to find things on the app and it has personalized recommendations for me. I love it so much!

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