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I wanted a pair of red Octobers but instead of paying 5,000 dollars for the shoes i wasted 5,000 dollars on trying to help nike resell them!!! So i got nothing except a thanks.

It’s ok

The app is nice and all but y’all need to show more products that are on sale and it’s hard for me to find my cart!

Jordan Koscielniak

Love Nike I only wear Nike and Jordan products I got adidas sold them just cause I only mess with Nike

Where is my Friends and Family Pass?

I have been a Nike Plus member and felt really disappointed that I stopped getting your discount passes this year! I used to get it via email and even downloaded your app but to no avail! Back to school shopping has started and I have to get my family new shoes stat!!! I have called stores and even your customer service but sadly no one can help on this matter. Three shopping days left and I’m still hopeful of getting one here in California. Help!!! Thanks for your kind attention.

It’s good to buy your clothing and shoes on


Can’t Login to App

Update Needed! Cannot log into Nike App! Cannot change Country Code for phone verification! Please update!!!!

RIDICULOUS!!!!!! Horrible.

So much for reserving and buying ahead of the crowd. Nothing works on this site. Done with Nike and the games it plays with hype. Gonna run without Nike.

perfect site !

the only thing i wish is that they had more women’s options, but all around great !

Login problems

Haven’t been able to login for days now!!!! Fix app 👎🏻


Nike has everything i need on their app

Best shoes

Can’t beat Nike

Amazing app Nike team.

This app is magnificent they always have the coolest Nike gear from hats to shoes(top to bottom) aside from that every week there is something new something upcoming the app leaves you coming back looking for more so, I JUST DO IT!!!!

Can’t place an order

When I enter my pin code of VISA credit card, it says “an error occurred, cancel or retry”. I just cannot place my order! !! Do anyone else get this same problem?


I love this app


The site is great and has a lot of items

I want more

I want more color and texture options for the customizable air vapor max


I’ve been customizing shoes for a few hours and honestly it’s pretty fun

Can not Login

Something went wrong with the update. I can no longer log in, and am getting an error. There is a sale and I can’t view the details because I can’t log in this has been for days.


La mejor marca del mundo

Nike App

I rate at 5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Excellent customer service Superb shipping and Tracking !!!! Thank ,You Nike From ,Michael Crawford

Great app

Love it


Great App


Nike app is legit. Great functionality & design. The shoes ship quickly. There is no hassle when it comes to returns. My rating for the Nike app is 5 Stars.


This app was easy to use and felt good when looking at hundreds of shoes

The best shoes


Nike Forever

Nike is always my go to brand. Best clothes. You can never go wrong with Nike.

Sign up required?

Why do I have to sign up and provide personal information to use your app? That’s not a fair deal - I am not giving up my privacy to look at what you have for sale. I also don’t understand why you are partnering with Facebook given their continued unethical behavior.

It’s just so convenient !!!

I enjoy the fact I can get the latest updates through my phones ,and better yet purchase everything right in the bed !I have 2 children ,and I don’t like shopping in stores ...thank you NIKE🤗🤗🤗


The stylist are soo helpful

Awesome app

Best app ever

The best way to access nike app

I cat not log in The message An error occurred We are unable to connect to our servers right now. Please try again later. Solution: Download nike SNKRS and log then go back to nike app. Its works

No restocks, not worth shopping here anymore.

It’s very disappointing how you could be so myopic to hype culture that you would refuse to restock on gear for people to use to show support for their countries. I’m not obligated to shop here anyways, I’m taking my money and business to A d i d a s.

Coupon NEVER works. Sale or no sale.


Editing Design!

I got to custom design a shoe and add so many personalized pieces to it!


I think this app is pretty good. I would give it five stars in fact. Right now is broken though. Even when I delete the app and reinstall it and somehow knows who I am and forces me to auto login. Then the login doesn’t work and it says, “there was an error during authentication.“ after this the app crashes. I tried to click on the Support link and it isn’t working for me either.

False advertisement

Nike is one of my favorite brands, An I am truly upset with them. I went on the website to purchase a pair of Nike air max 97 an I saw a pair on sale for $71.97 I didn’t have my card at the moment so I had to hold off so I left it in my cart then to go back an see it went back to its original price an then refreshed it an it was completely gone. An then did not hold up too it.


Muy bueno



Stock Clerk

The Nike app has all my needs.


I enjoy the app.. I do get exclusive alerts and get the shoes I want!! NIKE can you bring back the racers? Absolutely best shoe ever❤️

Out of stock instantly

MMW x Nike collaboration

Nike Review

I love the Nike app it’s so much easier to order my shoes even browsing for particular shoes by category.

App has been unusable for over a month

I have not been able to log into the application for over a month. Your app support doesn’t work. As someone that spends substantial amount through your company I am seriously disappointed. When will this be fixed??? I’m about to take my business elsewhere!!!!

Please fix your app

I’m slowly hating this app, and it’s even brought my runs down to the point I don’t want to run with it anymore and I have atleast 5 years of data in here. My watch never syncs up with my phone anymore or I log two separate runs. And most times, if I put my Phone to sleep before the countdown timer has finished, my run never starts. I use to think this was the best app here...

Very nice

This is a very convenient app.


It’s all unorganized

What I think

The app is straight forward shows most things you can’t find in stores

Needs a wishlist view

Feels good, just needs a feature to view your wishlist


So easy a caveman can use this app.

Poor Customer Service

I recently purchased grey vapormax Nike’s on the 4th of July which I have been wanting to purchase since they came out. On the 4th I was looking to see if had them instock and much to my belief they had my size instock so I jumped on the purchase. After purchasing my shoes I opted to get the two day shipping so I could have them sooner than later. The 6th came around and no shoes delivered to my residence. I made contact with a representative of Nike asking for a return on the two day shipping that I purchased since I hadn’t received my shoes. I received the refund and when asked for the FedEx tracking number they said they didn’t have it. On the 9th I reached out to another representative since I still had not received my shoes and when I asked for the fedex tracking number she was able to get it for me. The thing that frustrated me the most is that Nike printed a label for my shoes but never shipped them out. I was informed that I would be refunded my money because now my shoes were out of stock. Where was the customer service? I never received an email about my shoes not being shipped out because Nike was under the assumption that they had been. I had to reach out to Nike each time about my issues. Is this how the company always runs? This was the first time I’ve ever used the Nike app to order shoes. Very disappointed in the lack of customer service provided from the first representative I spoke to which could plainly see that the shoes had never been shipped out.

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